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Mud Wrestling?????
September 21, 2007

Pool Liner Mud Wrestlers #2    

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     Have you ever had to replace an above ground pool liner.  We did this summer for the third time. 

     The only problem was, we had so much rain that everytime we would get a little ahead, it would rain and instead of a pool we had a mud wrestling pit.  It was a mess, but the kids had a blast!


J’s Cabin…Process, Process, Process
September 20, 2007

J’s Cabin Downstairs Medicine Cabinet

     The downstairs bathroom now has a medicine cabinet where there once was a window. 

J’s Cabin Downstairs Bathroom Cabinets
 A set of cabinets has been installed in the downstairs bathroom.

    This bathroom is still under construction with plans for an oversized shower on the east side of the room and new flooring.  J is also considering taking the vanity out and putting in a pedestal sink.

September 19, 2007

          The upstairs decorator left her signature on the wall on her last visit to J’s Cabin.

J’s Cabin T’s Decorating

     Granddaughter T has dominated the upstairs of the cabin.  Papa J moved her bed and all of her things into the upstairs making that T’s space only.  For one of her frequent visits, Papa J gave her a cosmetic bag with make-up, lip gloss, nail polish, etc.  You can see the inventory on her vanity.

     She decided the upstairs wall needed a little bit of color, so she left her signature there for him.  Needless to say, I doubt that he will change a thing.  He will probably leave it just like it is because when he asked her why she did it, her reply was, “Papa J, you told me that this was MY ROOM to do whatever I wanted in MY ROOM.”  Papa J was hung. 

J’s Cabin- T’s Signature